It started with one stall.

The story of Andok’s began in December of 1985 when a man by the name of Mr. Leonardo “Sandy” Javier Jr. decided to establish a ‘Litson Manok’ stall along West Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines.

It is one of passion, purpose, and family. The first outlet built was a means of survival for Sandy and his wife Cora initially, but little did the couple know that they created a brand that would positively impact the lives of millions of Filipinos in the years to come. Sandy Javier started the business with a complete lack of traditional resources such as money and connections, yet he knew that he had everything he needed to succeed.

He had the big dreams, and he had the heart to do whatever it took to win. The very essence of Andok’s is built on passion, loving what you do, perseverance, and common sense. With those values, Sandy created the delicious and now famous ‘Litson Manok’ that is loved all over the Philippines.


On top of being a man of value and integrity, Sandy was also an astute businessman as he knew that the success of the brand would hinge on constant innovation and savvy marketing.

Innovation of the ‘Litson Manok’ roasted chicken manifested in the form of consistent customer feedback during the first year of business which allowed Sandy to eventually perfect the recipe and quality of the product.
The recipe has not changed since then. Marketing came in the form of masterful outlet locations, eye-catching store visibility, affordable pricing, excellent customer engagement. As a result of all of these things combined, Andok’s is now synonymous with delicious food that captivates the taste buds and hearts of every Filipino family.

Since innovation and marketing is the name of the game, the growth of Andok’s gave way to the creation of equally delicious and iconic products such as Litson Liempo, Litson Bangus, Dokito Frito, Porkcharap, and Pork Barbecue, which are all mainstay items in each store.

who we are

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